James Walsh’15 


Title: Station Manager

Hometown: Becker, MN

Major: Communications w/ Film Studies minor

Favourite Artist: Hands Like Houses or The Color Morale

Favourite Album Cover:  ‘Mmhmm’ by Relient K  or ‘Ground Dweller’ by Hands Like Houses

Least Favourite Genre: Country. (I’ve tried. I can’t do it.)



Ellie Beeson ’15 Ellie

Title: Assistant Station Manager/Campus Representative

Hometown: Fremont, NE

Major: Vocal Music Education

Favourite Artist: Changes weekly! Currently stuck on The Shouting Matches.

Favourite Album Cover:  ‘The White Album’ by The Beatles

Least Favourite Genre:  Every genre has it’s ups and downs.



Kirsten Lande ’14 Kirsten

Title: Public Relations

Hometown: Stillwater, MN

Major:    Spanish & Latin American Studies

Favourite Artist:  always and forever, Beyoncé

Favourite Album Cover:  Abbey Road by The Beatles

Least Favourite Genre:   Screamo



Kaia Miller ’14 Kaia

Title: Public Relations/Social Media

Hometown: Decorah, IA

Major:   Multimedia Jouralism & Mass Communications

Favourite Artist:  Fleet Foxes

Favourite Album Cover:  ‘The Resistance’ by Muse

Least Favourite Genre: Country



Jessica Demeules ’15 Jess

Title: DJ Coordinator/Event Planner

Hometown: Fargo, MN

Major:  Communications

Favourite Artist:  Asking Alexandra <3

Favourite Album Cover: ‘Divergent Spectrum’ by Bassnectar

Least Favourite Genre: Country!!



Eleanor Sertich ’14 Ella

Title: Music Director

Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL

Major:    French

Favourite Artist:  HAIM

Favourite Album Cover:  ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince

Least Favourite Genre: Brostep



AJ Eckberg ’15


Title: Music Director

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major:    Life Studies

Favourite Artist:  Led Zeppelin

Favourite Album Cover:  ‘Stuck on Nothing’ by Free Energy

Least Favourite Genre:  Pop Top 40


Jacob Olson ’15Jacob

Title: PR/Social Media

Hometown: Williston, ND

Major: Multimedia Journalism & Business

Favorite Artist: I don’t play favorites, but I’ll say Sex Bob-Omb

Favorite Album Cover: ‘Sea Change’ by Beck Least

Favorite Genre: No such thing yo


Wait for stream to start!:)