Weekly Schedule


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2-3 pm Erica Floding Jordan Degerness & Kyle Schwartz “The Louvre at 2 with J & K
3-4 pm Genia Cegla “G-chord” Nick Nelson & Tyler Aldous    “SEA Sustainability Hour” AJ Eckberg “Red River Rock & Timbre”
4-5 pm Ella Sertich   “MN Fresh” Anna Larranaga        The Intermission: Show tunes that you won’t hate” Maria Omdahl “Frozen Banana Happy Hour Jeremy Pierce         “Rock the Football   with The Bear”  Casey Haack
Haack Attack
5-6 pm Nicole (Niki) Wagner & Elsie McCormick Ben Wagener & Anissa Bruss “Chunks” Meera Patel
6-7 pm Hailey Kassulker Red Velvet Vinal: For Classy Hipsters” Michelle Farlee Kaitlyn Wolbeck “Wombat Radio Ian Jahnig Coffeehouse Hour w/ Mr. Starbucks Karlee Black
7-8 pm Brendon dos Santos    “A Little Bit of This. A Little Bit of that” Oliver (Olli) Reitan & Hans Peter“Musical Folly with Hans & Olli” Ashley Pederson & Rachael Pishtek       The Blend Shelby Coulter & Ben Habegger             Ben & Snap The Spencer Nelson Project
8-9 pm Jessica Demeules & Sebastian Barth Breaking the Bass

Amanda Kjaernes & Lisa Uppman

Uff da

Kirsten Lande & Bridget HeacockThe Sunny & Coco Show Jenna Scarbrough “Melodic Turmoil” Lyra Dominguez “Left Coast Lyra
9-10 pm Henry Dobbs & Austin Hauf “Hassie & Hauf’s Radio Hour” Noah Johnson “Tall Glass of NO-J Kayla Culver & Will Merickel Concordia Goes Punk Nick Nelson & Heidi Thom “Right Meow Radio Jake Rasely & Ian Bittle “Team Nice Dynamites
10-11 pm Ellie Beeson “Talk Dark & Hipster Colin Sullivan, Heather Hurner & Geneva Nemzek “Born this Waydio Kaia Miller Alicia Auch “Retrograde
11-12 am Calvin Ziegler & Chris Rud “Monday’s Happy Ending John Wiehe & Andy Johnson “The Boys Next Door Hattie Harn & Kelly Thurmes “Late Night Laz” Christina Cable & Paul Norell “P90X
12-1  am  Nina Due & Tessa Monsrud
The Friend Zone
Crysta Colmer “Catching Up With Crysta”

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