Featured Shows

Featured Shows on KORD Radio

Here are just a few of the many wonderful shows we have going on at KORD Radio in the Fall of 2018!

3 Handsome Cobbs

Just 3 of Concordia’s most handsome Cobbers putting on our hard hats and getting to work in the studio. From sports to school and everything in between, Sunday from 7-8 pm is your time to sit back and shut your brain off.


Bingy Bongy Bops

“Bingy Bongy Bops” is your weekly taste of gay culture, musical theatre, and empowerment! Listen in on Monday nights from 11pm to midnight to hear a lot of sass, special guests, and your favorite Jared!!


British Invasion with Andrew Rudser

Ever since the Beatles took the U.S. by storm, some of the most popular music we listen to comes from across the pond. Swing by “British Invasion”, Sundays from 5-6 p.m. to hear the best British rock!


The Broadway Breakdown

Join Nick Schons, Fridays at 9:00pm for “The Broadway Breakdown” on KORD Radio. Get excited to hear your favorite show tunes, cast recordings, and the latest theatre news! So tune in for your fix of musical theatre!


Destination Radio with Grant Matzke

Wednesday nights at 10! Your destination for all things music!



Tune in every Thursday from 10-11pm with Vic to jam out, listening to old tunes you love and some you may have never heard before!


Friday Night Chatter

Check out Friday Night Chatter with Nina where we listen to good music and chat about anything and everything – 10-11pm every Friday!


Grace the Music

Tune in to “Grace the Music” with Grace Dosdall every Tuesday from 8pm-9pm if you want to listen to great music!


The Home Stretch

It’s Thursday night…we’re on the final home stretch of the week! Helping you ring in your Friday every Thursday from 11pm-midnight. Good eclectic tunes, and great conversation with your hosts Chris and Matt!


Hot Takes with Lena & Ingrid

Tune in to “Hot Takes With Lena & Ingrid” every Sunday from 9-10pm for weekly controversies in pop culture.


The Kitchen Sink

Tune into “The Kitchen Sink” where Signe Johnson plays anything and everything, Mondays from 9pm-10pm!

Korn Dawgz

Listen in Tuesdays at 6pm for Isaac, Shane, and Jeremy playing music and having some fun!

Thirsty Thursdays with Ingrid

Listen live from 9-10 pm every Thursday for a show that is sure to quench your thirst! Each week is centered around a different beverage to bring new flavor into your life.


Minnesota Nice

Join Chris Cartwright every Sunday from 6-7pm for the very best in Minnesota music! The Replacements, Prince, Hippo Campus, Lizzo, Bob Dylan, Doomtree, and so much more. Tune in for the best of the 10,000 lakes!


North by Northwest

Join Gabe Monday nights at 7pm for indie and flannel acoustic!


One Stop Shop

Join Lydia every Wednesday from 6-7pm for your dose of weekly jams!!


Study Music and Chill Politics

Join Frederic on Tuesdays at 7pm for nice study music or perhaps a fun noninflammatory informative discussion on politics!


Through the Decades with Joanna

Tune in to “Through the Decades” every Thursday night at 7 to listen to and learn about ragtime, jazz, rock ‘n roll, and more!


Tunes N Tea with Mark Fitterer

Tune in on Mondays from 10-11pm as DJ Mark Fitterer serves up the scalding tea of the week and sickening music!

Q’s and Friends

Listen in to Q’s and Friends every Thursday at 8 p.m., the show where Parker Erickson finds a friend and just asks them questions, with a little music in between!

Wait for stream to start!:)