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We are KORD, Concordia’s own student-run radio station! With 9 members on staff and about 30 DJs, KORD brings you the very best in music, sports, and conversation. Meet our current staff, take a peak at this semester’s schedule, and check out Featured Shows to see when you can tune into some sweet programs. You can listen live 24/7/365 on, or you can always tune into cable channel 12 if you’re living in the residence halls!

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“Since its beginnings, radio has played an important role in shaping the debates of the day and bringing us together around the stories and songs that capture our attention. And for generations now, college radio has carried this tradition forward on campuses across America and around the world. By empowering students to add their voices and opinions to the airwaves and connecting listeners to new ideas and artists, college radio fosters creativity, promotes emerging musicians, and serves as a platform to students to engage with one another.”- Barack Obama